Jeevan Kavi

Jeevan Kavi, Courseware Developer

Positives of Online Training [Infographic]

Learning is a continuous process. It’s a well-known fact that using online learning solutions for employee training is immensely cost-effective for corporate organizations. But, it’s not just about how economical it is to the organization, but also about how efficient and beneficial it is to employees than classroom learning.

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Why is Microlearning the Right Choice to Build Skills? [Infographic]

A study by the Association for Talent Development (ATD) has revealed that skill gaps have a serious impact on American companies. It has become a major problem that is affecting the productivity of companies. How can this problem be solved? What does it take to improve the skills of employees in today’s dynamic business conditions? Microlearning is the answer.

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4 HTML5 Cons – How to Transform them for Good [Infographic]

HTML5 is the 5th major revision of HTML. Compatibility with various platforms and multiple devices, augmenting mobile learning, has made it the hot favorite of Learning and Development circles. However, there are always two sides to every coin, and HTML5 has its cons along with its much talked about pros. As learning experts, we can use the cons of HTML5 to benefit e-learning.

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