Increasing User-Registrations for Courses Hosted on LMS

Organizations invest huge amounts in learning management systems. Courses are developed according to the requirements of training managers or SMEs and hosted on the LMS. The information pertaining to the courses is conveyed to those employees who are expected to take the relevant courses.

More often than not, training managers, stakeholders or SMEs are rather disappointed with the poor response with only 30% of the registered users actually completing the courses. The numbers anticipated in terms of user registrations are also rather disappointing and one begins to question the investment made on learning management systems and on the courses themselves.

It is generally noticed that only mandatory, compliance courses have 100% completion rate. How can organizations motivate more number of employees to register for and complete online courses?

For any online training program to be a success in an organization, there are 3 aspects that are involved.

1. Learning Management System (LMS): You need to have a well-designed LMS that is easy to navigate and user – friendly. Additionally, you also need to provide good user-support to address technical glitches and problems. Despite good courses, poor LMS interface or user-support could leave users frustrated leading to poor-registrations.

2. E-learning Courses: You need to have instructionally-sound eLearning courses that are designed according to learning design principles. Despite strong LMS support poorly designed eLearning courses could also dissuade users from completing the course. Sometimes, employees may perceive the courses to be irrelevant and hence may not really bother to check them out.

3. User-Registration and Completion: The third and often ignored aspect is gaining user acceptance of the courses with higher registration and completion rate. Even though there is excellent LMS and user support in place together with well-designed courses, there might still be lower registration rate. This is largely due to lack of proper communication about the courses.

Therefore for any eLearning initiative to be a success in an organization, you need to ensure the following:

1. A user – friendly learning management system that is customized to cater to the unique requirements of your employees.

2. Instructionally sound eLearning courses addressing the training requirements of employees that are relevant, purposeful and timely.

3. Proper communication channels to highlight the professional as well as personal benefits of taking the courses.

In our subsequent blogs, we will share some tips on how each of these aspects can be addressed to increase user-registrations for your eLearning courses hosted on your Learning Management System.

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Abdul Razzaque Hussain, in his role as Director Technology, is responsible for heading the Learning Technology Services at CommLab India. Learning Technology Services includes LMS/ LCMS services.

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