Different Ways to Present Learning Objectives in Elearning

Different Ways to Present Learning Objectives in Elearning

“If you don’t know your destination, it does not matter which way you take”. In the same way, in the context of eLearning, it is important to set your learning objectives for which you are developing the eLearning, in order to achieve the end results.

According to Robert Mager, a learning objective is a statement, in specific and measurable terms that describes what the learner will know, or be able to do, as a result of engaging in a learning activity.

An ideal learning objective has 3 components: performance, condition and criteria.

  • Performance: Is a description of the behavior that learners are expected to perform.
  • Condition: To state an objective clearly, sometimes a condition becomes necessary.
  • Criterion: Lets learners know how well they will have to perform to be considered competent.

One of the common ways of presenting learning objectives is to show them in the form of a bulleted list.

There are many other ways to present learning objectives

Learning objectives in the form of thought bubbles - asking icebreaker questions that relate to the leaning objectivesLearning Objectives in the Form of Thought
Asking Icebreaker Questions

Leaning objectives in the form of info-graphics

Leaning Objectives in the form of Info-Graphics

Learning objectives in the form of text + images

Learning Objectives in the form of Text and Images

Learning objectives as a bulleted list- but in a different way. Logos or concept of courses have been used as bullets

Learning Objectives as a Bulleted List

Learning Objectives

An ideal learning objective should have performance, condition, and criteria. There are various ways to present learning objectives other than a bulleted list. If you have some other ideas of presenting learning objectives in eLearning, do share your thoughts.

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Kalpana Kambam, Instructional Designer

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