2 comments on “Can a Classroom Instructor be an Effective Instructional Designer Part 2
  1. Emerson Johns says:

    My experience has been that the classroom participants truly appreciate real (specific) examples of how one has added significant financial value during one’s career (cash flow, earnings improvement, etc.) along with examples of how one gives something back to society (the industry) based on work they do that improves the industry and not just for the company they work for.

  2. Sebastian Grodzietzki says:

    I think there are several different cases that need to be taken into account when thinking about the creation of (eLearning) courses. For instance, is the topic rather
    - an IT software training (after a rollout/ release change) or
    - rather a soft skill course (like how to do professional presentation) or is it about
    - mandatory GRC course (like learning an IT Security Policy) etc.
    There are also differences whether you take plain eLearning or Blended Learning or mLearning.
    And if you enlarge the focus to also offer content for “informal” knowledge transfer (which is by far more frequently than formal courses) then you would need other approaches in content creation as well. The selected authoring tool in my eyes is key to
    1) speed of production – forget about Captivate, Camtasia etc./ you always have to maintain the content after recording due to insufficient quality in the output formats (simulations & documentation)
    2) reusability of existing content – e.g. for updating the content after a certain time/ you would need an automatic approach/ a systematic support by that tool to re-use what you already have
    3) involvement of the right people combined with a determined workflow – to get the people doing what they are good at without wasting their time.

    With the RIGHT tool, you can let the SME with the necessary knowledge make a capturing (without any additional authoring tool training) while he is working. No stop of his normal work – and while he is doing what he is paid for, he creates content with no extra effort. You can even let external consultants document what they are doing without any prior tool training/ with no extra work and so reduce the need to hire them again. ;) This content then can be handed over to an author who is familiar with an authoring tool to make only the necessary didactical changes etc. Let the responsible owner approve the final result and publish it out to the learners. If there is an instructor involved in the whole process, let her do what she knows best and integrate her into the process. This saves the company time and creates overall performance.

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