How to Develop a Single Select Quiz in Power Point Using Macro Settings

Discussion an exchange of knowledge; argument is an exchange of ignorance

Do you know that it’s easy to develop a single select quiz in PowerPoint using macro settings? Using PowerPoint you can develop interactive presentations with quizzes that help to assess learners. Here is a tutorial with 10 steps which will teach you to develop quizzes in PowerPoint using Macro settings.

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Training that Reduces Skills Gap in U.S Manufacturing Industry

The man who graduates today and stops learning tomorrow is uneducated the day after

U.S manufacturing industry is the world’s largest with an 18.2% share of the global manufactured products. It produces a dollar value of 1.8 trillion each year. Taken by itself it would be the tenth largest economy in the world. When measuring the size and importance of the U.S manufacturing industry, however, it is important to recognize factors such as skills gap, and the lack of adequate talent that is seriously hurting the performance of this industry.

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Leadership Development – a Major Challenge!

One of the challenges that organizations face is leadership development. In fact, a recent report by Bersin & Associates states that about 50 percent of L&D managers consider this as their primary challenge.

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Tags: good leader qualities, Leadership, leadership development, Leadership Qualities

Learning and Development Strategy that Meets Employee Aspirations

Sage Open recently published an article by Jerry P Haenisch titled, “Factors Affecting the Productivity of Government Workers“. It is interesting that a significant percentage of the respondents (35.5%) attributed poor supervision and management as the factors that limit their ability to perform productively.

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Tags: Developing an online training strategy, eLearning options for training, learning and development strategy

Tips for Conducting Effective Training Needs Analysis

Training needs analysis helps in identifying the performance gap between the expected performance and the current performance of employees. It is the first step in the training process and helps in identifying deficiencies so that training programs can be conducted to fill the gap between the actual and expected performance. It enables the training manager to set training objectives and plan the training and development process by identifying the training requirement that is relevant to the workforce and the intended outcome that is improved job performance.

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Tags: conducting training needs analysis, reducing the performance gap through training, training need analysis
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