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Do you know what “Record Application with Adobe Captivate” can do?

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Do you know what "Record Application with Adobe Captivate" can do?

Do you wish to use the features of Adobe Captivate from Flash? Would you like to get a video in the .FLA format after recording it in Flash? Are you looking to edit text, mouse animation and action script in a recording file? Well, you can do all these and more, thanks to an option in Flash called Record Application with Adobe Captivate. Let us now see the steps involved in using this option.

Recording simulation videos from Flash


Step 1: Open Flash CS6. Go to Commands panel and Click Record Application with Adobe Captivate”.

Step 1

Step 2: The Adobe captivate recording window will appear. Adjust your Recording Size, Recording type etc.

Step 2

Step 3. You can adjust more setting by clicking on theSettings options. The screen below is the setting window. After completing all changes clickthe OK button.

Step 3

Step 4. Then start recording your project file by clicking theRecord button.

Step 4

Getting a video in the .FLA format after recording it in Flash

Step 5. Stop your recoding by pressing theEnd key in Keyboard. Then we a window called Save will appear. Then change your file name, folder path and click OK. Then your file will open in Flash in the .fla format.

Step 5

Editing text, mouse animation and action script in recording file

Step 6. Here you can easily edit your animation, text, audio, and action script in the recorded file.

The example picture below shows how mouse animation, text and audio can be edited.

Step 6

The example picture below shows how action script can be edited.

Step 7

For Reference click here to view the video

Most people record directly in Adobe Captivate. They think there is no option to edit all these in Flash. The Record Application option with Adobe Captivate has taken the interoperability between the 2 Adobe products to new levels and is of great use to online course developers. What do you think?

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