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6 Steps to Unleash Your LMS to Deliver Excellent Blended Learning [Presentation]

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6 Steps to Unleash Your LMS to Deliver Excellent Blended Learning [Presentation]

Are you planning to blend the classroom and online training methodologies? How can you see that the learning blend gives the best value for your training dollar?

Various companies are blending the instructor-led and e-learning methodologies to deliver highly effective training. A well-formulated, effective blend of training formats helps organizations provide a high degree of flexibility to learners. The learners can be better involved through various types of instructional material. Blended learning helps firms to avail the benefits of the online training medium, while retaining the “human element” in their training programs.

But, what does it take to implement blended learning efficiently? Well, you can make use of your Learning Management System (LMS) to deliver good training through blended learning. For this, you need to follow a 6 step process as given below.

  1. Plan your blended learning initiative effectively
  2. Evaluate your existing IT infrastructure
  3. Convince all stakeholders
  4. Assess the features of your LMS
  5. Develop and/or utilize your learning resources in multiple formats
  6. Obtain feedback from stakeholders

To know more about the process, check out this excellent presentation.

View Presentation on Harness the Power of Your LMS to Implement First-rate Blended Learning


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