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Rapid E-learning Course Development: 9 Aspects to Consider

Written By Navyatha Bodanapu

Rapid E-learning Course Development: 9 Aspects to Consider

Many organizations are shifting towards eLearning to meet the training requirements of their employees. Developing an eLearning course is no longer as expensive as it used to be, when traditional developing methods were adopted. This is because of the availability of rapid authoring tools at a reasonable price.

E-learning proves to be cost effective in the long run, as once developed courses can be deployed over and over again, to more number of employees, unlike traditional classroom training where training efforts, costs and time are incurred separately for every training event. However, rapid eLearning development is not as simple as it sounds. There is a need to have a clearly defined procedure for eLearning development process, so that organizations can meet the ever increasing training requirements, to the satisfaction of training managers. Additionally, learning can be made fun and engaging, so that employees are actively involved in the learning process.

Learning design principles provide a concrete structure to the content, such that it meets the course objectives and makes the training purposeful to employees. Here is a presentation that talks about 9 key aspects that need to be kept in mind, while developing rapid eLearning courses.

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View Presentation On 9 Crucial Aspects of Course Development in Rapid E-learning Process

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