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Unique E-learning Challenges Met with Creative Solutions

Unique  E-learning Challenges Met with Creative Solutions

Every organization comes with its own set of unique challenges and wants to train their employees with respect to their specific requirements.

Working on these challenges is a daunting task for eLearning designers irrespective of the experience they have. Let us see some case studies in which you can find the unique requirements our clients, who approached us to develop the eLearning modules, and the solutions we have given to meet their specifications.

#1 – Rapid E-learning Development Using Articulate Storyline in 2 Months

Requirements Challenges CommLab Solutions
Develop 40 elearning modules using the production ready storyboards. The storyboards given contained high level interactivities, and we had to make them iPad compatible.All modules had to be consistent, while developing.40 modules should be completed within 60 days at an affordable cost.The courses also had multiple voice-overs. We selected Articulate Storyline to make the eLearning curriculum iPad compatible.We have set the standards and processes, while developing the courses to deliver consistent and quality output within the timelines.

#2 – Reduced Training Costs on Supply Chain Process with E-learning Course Developed Using Adobe Captivate

Requirements Challenges CommLab Solutions
Train the learners through an engaging and interactive eLearning course, which can be accessed worldwide, whenever they want. The eLearning course should work on iPads. A graphically rich elearning course was developed using Adobe Captivate with interesting interactivities that are compatible with iPad.

#3 - Medical reps understanding the mystery of child birth

Requirements Challenges CommLab Solutions
A fact-based eLearning course was to be developed. Present the factual information with less text. We have developed a user- friendly course with rich graphics.To represent the factual information, we used silhouettes and vector images.

#4 – Electrical manufacturing firm reaches its Global Work Force through Multilingual eLearning Courses

Requirements Challenges CommLab Solutions
The multilingual elearning course should have a single interface. Develop a single course, and translate it into 12 languages. We have developed a switchable interface in 12 languages using Adobe Flash, which allows learners to select their language to view the course.

#5 – Rapid Conversion of Flash Curriculum to HTML5 Using Articulate Storyline

Requirements Challenges CommLab Solutions
Re-create 9 existing legacy courses, which were developed using Flash to HTML5 to make the courses compatible with iPads. Re-create the courses with rich look and feel, similar to the Flash courses.Deliver the elearning curriculum in 35 days. We used Articulate Storyline to give the client a cost-effective solution, which met his specifications of re-creating the courses similar to the Flash courses, within the timelines.

#6 - A Swizz Firm enhanced its Induction Training using Commlab’s Services

Requirements Challenges CommLab Solutions
Client wanted to give new employee orientation through an interactive eLearning course that is to be deployed worldwide. Develop a highly interactive and engaging course that replicates physical environment. Delivered a learner-centric course using Adobe Flash, which allowed us to add high level interactivities.

#7 - Automotive Firm Successfully Trains its Global Employees Through E-learning

Requirements Challenges CommLab Solutions
Employees should be trained through highly interactive and engaging elearning courses at an affordable cost. Customize the course to make it highly interactive. We customized the features of Articulate Storyline to create interactivities and designed the interface to meet the client’s specifications and budget.

#8 - A Manufacturing Organization Reduced its Workplace Injuries with M-Learning

Requirements Challenges CommLab Solutions
Develop a course that is accessible on Blackberry devices. Present the text and images in such a way that they fit in a Blackberry screen. We have used Lectora Inspire, which is a wonderful tool to present the content through animated line drawings and visuals and make the course accessible on Blackberry screens.

#9 - Enhanced Current Training Strategies Using Moodle LMS

Requirements Challenges CommLab Solutions
The client wanted a comprehensive Learning Management System (LMS) to manage the learning initiatives and track the performance. Incorporate features of their existing CRM and WebEX into the LMS.Customize the LMS to match the client’s specific requirements. We have installed and customized the Moodle LMS.

#10 - Healthcare Firm Successfully Trains 12000 Employees on iPads

Requirements Challenges CommLab Solutions
Develop an interactive eLearning course that can be accessed usingiPads. Present the technical content given, applying instructional and visual strategies. Developed a highly interactive course using Articulate Storyline that also works on iPad

These are the solutions, we provided our clients, for their specific training needs. Have anything to say? Please do share!

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