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Create Awesome Animations Using PowerPoint for Your E-Learning Courses

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Create Awesome Animations Using PowerPoint for Your E-Learning Courses

PowerPoint is an excellent tool to create animations for your eLearning courses. Using PowerPoint, we can create four types of animations that can be applied to text and objects. In this blog, I would like share information about the four types of animations, in detail.

Animation Types

  • Entrance Effects: It is possible to create 38 Entrance Effects, using PowerPoint, such as fade in, fly in, zoom, expand, etc., and we apply these effects to an object (text/ image) while it ‘emerges’ on the screen. You can specify the duration of the animation in sync with audio.

Entrance Effects

  • Emphasis Effects: We use Emphasis Effects to highlight the on-screen objects. There are 24 Emphasis Effects including grow/shrink, bold flash, spin, underline, pulse, etc., and we can use them to create animations to highlight objects for a specific time period in sync with audio.

Emphasis Effects

  • Exit Effects: There are 38Exit Effects including fade-off, fly out, zoom, float down, float up, etc., and we use these effects for on screen objects while they disappear from the screen. You can specify the duration of these animations in sync with the audio. 

Exit Effects

  • Motion Paths: Mostly, we use these effects for moving the object in specific path that we draw.
    There are 61 Motion Path effects that we can use to move objects on the screen or to move the out of the screen for a specific time period. Also, we can create custom paths for developing animations to move the objects in sync with the audio. 

Motion Path Effects

By adding these animation effects to an eLearning course, we can make it more interactive and engaging to the audience. We can quickly convert PowerPoint presentations into eLearning courses using authoring tools which support PowerPoint. Please do share your thoughts on the same!

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