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Designing a Winning E-learning Course – An E-learning Kit

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Designing a Winning E-learning Course - An E-learning Kit

It is no exaggeration to say that effective instructional design is the crux of a good e-learning course. Well-designed online courses not only help transfer information to the learner, but also enable him to utilize it efficiently to enhance his performance.

But, how can you design an excellent e-learning course? Well, you need to understand the principles of instructional design thoroughly and apply the right online course design process to come up with a course of high efficacy.

Here is an e-learning kit that provides all the information you need to design a highly effective online course. The kit:

  • Lists the principles of e-learning design and explains how they need to be applied
  • Provides a step-by-step explanation of the process of creating online courses
  • Helps you set the winning learning objectives for your e-learning course
  • Enables you to develop very effective assessments for the course
  • Shares the best practices of e-learning design and development

You can access the following resources in the kit.

  • A 62 page eBook – Instructional Design 101
  • A 20 minute webinar – Learning Design Process
  • A 28 page eBook – Best Practices of E-learning Design & Development
  • A 5 minute presentation – How Instructional Design Helps in ILT and E-learning 

Download the kit now!

View Kit on Best Practices for Designing Meaningful E-learning Courses


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