Types of Assessment Questions Used in Elearning Courses to Evaluate Learning

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There are two types of assessments we can build into an e-learning course:

  • Formative Assessments: These help build learner knowledge.
  • Summative Assessments: A final test to assess learning at the end of the course.


Summative Assessment Vs Formative Assessment

Some of the ways we can develop the assessment questions are:

Formative Assessments

Summative Assessments

Learners will be scored as they respond on the tests. Results will be shown at the end of the assessment.
Learners will receive feedback that indicates their answers were correct or incorrect at the end of the attempt. However, learners will not receive detailed explanations as to why the answer was right or wrong. Questions are presented in a sequence.

Assessment question banks will contain a pool of questions from which questions are pulled out.

The scores are not stored. Scores of the last assessment result are stored (requires database on server).
Learners can attempt the assessment as many times as they wish. If the learner quits the assessment halfway, he or she will need to take the assessment again right from the beginning the next time around.

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