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5 Simple Ways to Boost Your Learner’s Interest

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5 Simple Ways to Boost Your Learner’s Interest

We spend a lot of time, effort, and money in developing an e-learning course. But if the learner, who is taking the course, is bored and simply waits for the course to get completed or keeps clicking the Next button in order to skip the slides, then all our efforts are in vain, and this is quite disappointing for us as well. So, how can we make our e-learning courses interesting? How can we help the learners to stay interested in the course from the start till the end?

Here are five simple ways that would boost your learner’s interest.

1. Start with a Bang: An Effective Introduction

It is a known fact that the first impression is the best impression; so, let’s start with the first screen of any e-learning course, that is, the “Introduction” screen. Make sure that the introduction is simple and clear to the learner, yet attractively presented. This would make a positive impact of the course on the learner.

Have a look at the screenshot below where the introduction of the course has been presented effectively.

Start with a Bang: An Effective Introduction

2. Connect Training Needs with Appropriate Learning Objectives 

We must keep in mind that adults would show interest to learn something new only if they find it beneficial to them. Ensure that you have set appropriate learning objectives. Communicate to the learners what they will be able to do after completing the course; that is, how the course will bring about a positive difference in their working styles. This would help grab the learner’s attention towards the course.

Connect Training Needs with Appropriate Learning Objectives

3. Help Learners Achieve the Objectives

After setting the learning objectives, it is now time to help learners achieve them. The course content should be relevant; with every passing screen, learners should be able to go nearer by one step to achieve the objectives. This would keep them connected to the course.

Help Learners Achieve the Objectives

4. Involve the Learners in the Course

Learners are bound to show more interest if they are involved directly in the course. Allow them to think, play, explore, and learn in the course. Make use of scenarios that relate to them, games that add the fun element, and interactivities that engage them completely.

This strategy would teach learners the essential concepts of the course and also keep them engaged throughout.

Involve the Learners in the Course

5. Assess and Motivate the Learner

Assessments are a great way to help the learner retain the knowledge acquired from the course. To make the learner stay focused on the course, always align the assessments with the learning objectives. This also helps us to keep a track of how far the learner has achieved the objectives of the course.

Assess and Motivate the Learner

These five ways help to grab the learner’s interest in the course. I hope you find this blog informative. Please do share your views on it.

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