Scenarios to Make Your E-learning Courses Engaging – An Infographic

In the world of eLearning, scenarios play a vital role in creating an effective and interactive course. Scenarios help connect the learner to the real world.

By including scenarios in your courses, you can stimulate the thinking capabilities of the learners and help them understand how they need to react if they face a situation similar to the one presented in the scenario.

The infographic delves into various scenarios that can be used in any eLearning course. Game based assessment scenarios are a very popular in eLearning because these scenarios challenge the mental faculties of the learner and give him the opportunity to analyze all options and think well before selecting the right option. The learner is able to evaluate his learning. Another option is the usage of animated character or avatars in your courses, which makes the course visually appealing to the learner and keeps him engaged throughout the course. Conversational-based scenario is commonly used these days as gives a friendly approach to the course.

Scenarios to Make Your E-learning Courses Engaging – An Infographic

With all these scenarios, you can develop a highly effective digital course.

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