Training Challenges and E-learning Solutions Summit 2017
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Get to Know CommLab India – Journey of Last 10 years: 2000 – 2009

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CommLab’s Introduction

  • Started in 2000 by RK and Ayesha
  • STPI Registered 100% EOU (Custom Bonded)
  • Vision: To help individuals and organizations learn in the most efficient and effective way by using the latest eLearning strategies and state-of-the-art Media, Internet and Information Technologies.
  • Values:


CommLab’s Products

Custom Courseware Technology Catalogue Courses
HR and Compliance Customize Open Source LMS Management
Software Simulations SCORM and AICC Information Technology
Sales Training Personal Productivity
Product Training
  • Markets: US, Canada, UK, Australia, France, Germany, Italy, KSA, UAE
  • Unique Selling Proposition:
    • Strong pedigree in teaching and corporate training
    • Top notch quality through exacting processes and systems
    • Price and Time advantage by operating solely from India

Employees Retention



  • Salary’s on 1st Since Inception
  • Increments twice a year uninterrupted
  • Free high quality lunch
  • Open Leave Policy
  • Weekly Celebrations
  • Extensive Technical and Soft Skill Training
  • Flat Organization
  • High Retention

Customers Delight


USA (16), Canada (1), Australia (3), UK (2), Switzerland (2), Sweden (1), Dubai (2), France (1), Germany (1) and Italy (1)

  • Customer Focus: On time and Quality Product
  • Building Relationship on Trust
  • Effective Processes:
    • Sound Instructional Design
    • Production process
    • Quality Process
    • Client Interactions
    • Sound Technology Backing

Customer Mix


Our Present Customers – 30 Worldwide


Technology Growth


Marketing Focus: Our Prospects


New Age Marketing: Building Relationship


Financial Success: Profit Margins


IT and Asset Security

Security Backups Servers and Software
Websites – McAfee secured Daily, Weekly and Project Backups – CDs and HDs Licensed software
Emails and Data Transfers – SSL certificate In multiple locations (fire resistant safe) 100 Mbps fully-networked computer systems
Security Policy document in place; yet to be fully implemented 3-hour power backup through UPS Broadband Internet line- Dedicated Internet on the way
Firewall protecting the network Daily updating of patches – OS and antivirus s/w
Desktop level Anti-virus protection

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  • professor shamshad

    Salams Dr Sahiba

    Was impressed with your wonderful work. Please keep it up. Well done

    We are developing with the purpose of furthering eLearning in Pakistan and would welcome association / collaborations to facilitate elearning activities.

    Would be nice to know your views and ideas and to explore opportunities. Till then take care keep smiling and have a wonderful weekend.

    Professor Shamshad
    SKYPE professor.shamshad

  • Jerica Skjei

    Great Stuff!!!!!!!