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5 Instructional Design Strategies for Creating Better E-learning [Webinar]

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5 Instructional Design Strategies for Creating Better E-learning [Webinar]

Effective e-learning is created by applying good instructional design strategies to the course. An instructional design approach specifies the way content should be presented in the course. It helps to create learner centric courses that help in achieving the desired outcomes. Opting the right strategy for your course is what makes the difference.

Some focal aspects that are to be considered while creating an e-learning course are listed below:

  • Set clear learner objectives – Learning objectives motivates learners towards course completion and engages them throughout the course.
  • Make navigation easy for the learner – Making it easy for the learner to navigate all the screens is very essential. Adult learners do not like to be restricted, so they should be allowed to navigate through the course as per their choice. This enables them to skip to a topic of their choice or go back to an earlier topic and learn freely.
  • Keep the course interesting and engaging – Interactivities like games, graphics, and avatars make the course interesting and engaging.
  • Make effective use of audio – Embedding audio increases the appeal of online courses and increases learner’ attention and helps decrease cognitive load. Explaining visuals, narrating essential on-screen text etc makes e-learning coursesmore effective.
  • Use scenarios – Scenarios reiterate the thought process of the learner and help in applying skill to knowledge gained

But how can you help learners maintain a balance between the intellectual, emotional and physical self in order to address the specific training needs? What are the instructional design components that help the learning experts design e-learning courses that can be used effectively? To get the answers to these and more take a look at this webinar “5 Instructional Design Strategies for Creating Better E-learning.”

  • This webinar addresses specific areas such as:
  • Instructional design strategy and its different types
  • Essential factors for a good instructional design strategy
  • Different ID strategy components
  • How to formulate the right strategy for your e-learning course

Access the webinar now!

View Webinar on 5 Instructional Design Strategies for Creating Better E-learning


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