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Game-based Learning, Microlearning and Mobile Learning: 3 Musketeers of E-learning

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Game-based Learning, Microlearning and Mobile Learning: 3 Musketeers of E-learning

“I am always ready to learn although I do not always like being taught.” - Winston Churchill

Games and game-based learning, Microlearning, and mobile learning are emerging trends and effective learning strategies. Game-based learning drives learner engagement, Microlearning improves retention, and Mobile learning increases ease of access and adoption. Though effective by themselves, let’s see how their combination delivers massive results.

Here’s how these three approaches to learning work and play well together.

Game-based Learning: Engages and Excites Your learners

Games are motivating, engaging, and fun and can be played for just a few minutes each day. Now if the training for a new product turns into something like a game, imagine how exciting it could be for your sales, service, and support reps.

Numerous researches and studies found that game-based learning offers many advantages and benefits compared to traditional training approaches. A perfect usage of game elements and game mechanics can motivate and connect the learners with the learning content.

Game elements such as scores, points, rewards, and evaluations make the learner think, experiment, and learn how to develop consistent and productive progress. Each level of the game focuses on a single learning objective so learners can concentrate and be equipped to apply the right knowledge at the right time with minimal effort.

Probe learners with a few questions at the end of each level to make choices and experience the consequences. For example, if he fails in any level, we should give him an option of retaking that level and help him understand the positive and negative consequences. As a result, he will correct himself and move on to the next levels based on a sound foundation. 

Game-based Learning: Engages and Excites Your learners

Microlearning: Builds Long-term Retention

Another emerging trend, Microlearning has its unique features. It introduces the concept of delivering content in short bursts with minimal efforts, and covers one learning objective per module. It is focused, relatable, and fits well with other types of learning experiences such as game-based learning. Incorporating the idea of short role-play sessions into the game builds long term retention.

For example, in a sales scenario game, you have 5 scenarios, called levels, and for each level you have an introduction explaining the concept followed by questions for the learners to take decisions. Each level can be a microlearning module. Another idea can be to have the introduction scenario as a 3-4 minute video followed by assessments to make decisions.

Microlearning: Builds Long-term Retention

Mobile learning: Offers byte-sized, on-demand performance support

For any training to be successful, it needs to be accessible in the learners’ device of choice. Almost all of us frequently check our mobiles throughout the day. So, if we deliver game-based learning/games in short pieces i.e., microlearning on a mobile device, that allows learners to access wherever they want or whenever they require. Mobile learning is a convenient study tool and ultra-portable.

Mobile learning: Offers byte-sized, on-demand performance support

Finally, use this winning combination to develop micro games that can be accessed through mobiles.

Have other interesting ideas? Please share with us in the comments section below.

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