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Using Gamified Approach in Product Sales Training [Infographic]

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Using Gamified Approach in Product Sales Training [Infographic]

How do you train your salesforce on your latest products? Do they have to still rely on the content heavy product documentation to understand them better? Time to move on! Gamification is a trend that’s taking over many areas including training. Gamified training energizes the learners and keeps them motivated towards completing the course. This is especially very helpful in a sales scenario.

Applying the concepts of gamification to product sales training enables your sales force to take complete advantage of the eLearning and sell your product better. He is an info-graphic that describes how to transform your product sales eLearning into a gamified in seven simple steps.

Using Gamified Approach in Product Sales Training [Infographic]

Hope you liked this post. Do you think gamification can be the key to improve the efficiencies of your sales force? We’d love to know.

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