Getting the Best of Your E-learning investment – Free Resources

Getting the Best of Your E-learning investment

Transiting from a completely classroom training environment, to a blended solution that includes eLearning is not very simple. It needs an enterprise wide planning to develop a suitable eLearning solution.

However, what are the factors that need to be kept in mind when foraying into eLearning? Are there any project management guidelines readily available that can be used for the purpose? If you are planning to introduce eLearning in your organizations, these may be some of the questions that might cross your mind. Here are some very handy resources that provide answers to these questions and also provide tips and tools on how to roll out an enterprise wide eLearning program.

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Aruna is Content Developer for CommLab India and works closely with the internal team to develop resources and share in-house knowledge with a larger audience through the company’s website.

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