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Unleashing E-learning to Meet Your Product Training Needs [Video]

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Unleashing E-learning to Meet Your Product Training Needs [Video]

It is common knowledge that products are the lifeline of a company and imparting good product training goes a long way in the success of an organization. But, how can firms deliver highly effective product training to meet the challenges posed by a dynamic business environment? Well, they need to use the online training medium.

E-learning is ideally suited to effective product knowledge training. Online courses can be accessed anytime, anywhere, on any device, and they are a boon to staff members such as salespeople and service technicians, who seldom find time to attend classroom training sessions. Furthermore, it is possible to develop e-learning courses in quick time. A 60 minute online training module can be developed in 3 weeks. The rapid development of online courses enables firms to reduce the time gap between product launches and training considerably.

So, are you planning to shift your product training programs online? Then, check out this highly informative presentation that provides all the information you need to harness the power of e-learning to meet your product training needs. The video:

  • Provides invaluable insights into the aspects to be considered to implement product training effectively
  • Explains how challenges in imparting good product can be overcome using technology
  • Helps you create a high quality product training course tailored to your requirements


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