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Best E-learning and Training Blogs That Made Their Mark in 2012

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As we review the employee training and development scenario for 2012, we notice that organizations are increasingly trying to keep pace with the technological changes, to include new methods of training deployment. Technology based methods, for training in organizations, have seen a steady increase in the past year, with personal learning environments and mobile learning technologies being explored as a strong option.

In the recently released “State of Industry Report 2012″ by ASTD, about 50% of formal learning hours are being delivered via technology-based methods by the 30 BEST Award Winning Organizations. It would not be long before other organizations also, increasingly blend their existing training methods, with technology to offer blended training solutions.

Here are links to some of the popular blogs that reflect the trends and talking points, in the domain of learning and development, for 2012.

5 Tips for Developing a Quality Elearning Course

As for any product, quality is the key, for an eLearning course as well.Quality, refers to meeting mutually defined and agreed upon expectations, by customers and vendors. How can one ensure quality, when developing eLearning courses?

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Why Organizations Cannot Ignore mLearning?

Sales of tablet PCs and smartphones have outnumbered desktop PC sales this year. What does this mean, to a learning and training professional developing online courses? People are taking newer technologies and using them to seek information on the go. Creating this option, in the formal learning context, is but a development that organizations cannot afford to ignore.

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7 Cs of Course Development in Rapid eLearning

Course development in rapid eLearning, is no different from the regular learning design. However, since it is developed quickly, some actions might have to be done simultaneously. Here are some guidelines, which serve as reminders, while developing rapid eLearning.

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Instructional Design Strategy for Experienced Learners

Experienced learners have different expectations, when it comes to an instructional program. A passive lecture method may not be a good idea, as this method does not take into account their individual experience and knowledge. On the other hand, an interactive and collaborative environment is best suited for them.

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Factors Affecting Employee Performance – Training Options

There are many reasons for fall in employee performance. It is important that the real causes are identified, before seeking solutions. Check out some of the factors that could be responsible for dwindling productivity of employees.

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7 Tips to Get the Most out of Your Training Provider or eLearning Developer

Many organizations outsource their training/eLearning development to external vendors. It provides better cost-quality proposition for them. How do you ensure you get what you expect, from your training provider or eLearning developer?

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Graphics – Tips from an Instructional Designer

One of the factors distinguishing eLearning,froma regular training program, is the use of graphic elements and interactivities. The absence of a physical instructor is made up with graphical elements and user-friendly GUI.Here are some handy tips that one can keep in mind, while getting their eLearning courses developed.

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How do Colors Impact eLearning Design and Learning?

Colors form an integral part of GUI design, in an eLearning course.On what basis do graphic designers or visual designers choose colors? Check out how colors impact eLearning design and learning in this blog.

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Catering to 4 Different Learning Preferences in eLearning

In order to make eLearning courses effective, it is a good idea to include a combination of learning objects that involve visual, auditory, kinesthetic and aural elements.

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5 Action Points to Make the Best of Your LMS

LMS is not a mere repository of courses. When effectively used, a learning management system can help in evaluating and improving training programs.How can this be done? Here is a blog that talks of 5 measures that could help you make the best of your LMS.

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HTML5 Elements Useful When Designing eLearning Courses

HTML 5 helps in creating a uniform web content and is compatible with mobile applications and browsers.As a result, many eLearning authoring tool developers have tried to make their software HTML 5 compatible. Lectora had the initial edge, but other tools such as Articulate and Captivate, are fast catching up to deliver HTML 5 outputs.Here are some of HTML 5 tags that are useful for eLearning developers.

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Selecting the Right LMS for Your Organization – Do’s and Don’ts

What are the basics that you need to keep in mind when choosing an LMS?What you should consider and what you should not?Investing in an LMS is a big decision that cannot be taken in a hurry. Check out this blog which gives some insights on do’s and don’ts of selecting an LMS for your organization.

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