Nagaraju Uppu

Nagaraju Uppu, Visual Designer

5 Tips to Overcome E-learning Translation Challenges Using Articulate Storyline [Infographic]

In today’s corporate world, most companies are multinational with a global business presence. If they want to train their globally dispersed workforce in different languages, they need to translate their online training materials to multiple languages. People assume that the translation process might be a costly affair and a time-consuming process. But, in reality, it is actually NOT. This is because authoring tools have made translations much easier, especially Articulate Storyline.

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7 Step Process of Content Comprehension in E-learning [Infographic]

Classroom training material can be in form of Word documents, PPTs, PDFs, videos, etc. In most cases, these training materials are unstructured and inconsistent. Content comprehension is necessary to create performance-oriented e-learning courses and is a key component of good instructional design. It enables instructional designers (IDs) identify gaps in the content and ensure topics ‘flow’ in a logical sequence.

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4 Competencies to Choose a Right Vendor for Healthcare Product Training [Infographic]

Are you a product training manager in a multinational pharmaceutical organization, where a number of new drugs are released frequently? Are you facing challenges in training your sales teams on every new product launch? Do you feel constant pressure to train employees to perform better in their jobs? If you answer Yes to these questions, try outsourcing your healthcare product training.

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4 Essential, Hidden Features of Lectora Inspire [Infographic]

Lectora Inspire is one of the most powerful, preferred authoring tools for e-learning course development. Lectora enables developers create interactive elements. You can develop your e-learning rapidly using this tool, without complex programming knowledge. It can also incorporate HTML5 support for mobile devices, allowing “multi-device” learners to access content.

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The Next 6 Steps to Reduce E-learning Translation Costs [Infographic]

Companies are looking for e-learning as it is quicker to deploy and cost effective compared to classroom training. Research has shown that switching from classroom to e-learning, reduced training costs to half of the existing investment. With globalization, organizations require to impart training to their employees located in different parts of the world.

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Happy New Year – 2017

Most of us make promises to ourselves and decide to change for the better at the start of the new year. Why do we do this? It is because the new year comes with promising tomorrows and opportunities to make better choices and lead fruitful lives.

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