Nagaraju Uppu

Nagaraju Uppu, Visual Designer

4 Sure-shot Tips to Impart Good Localized Training to Users of Software Applications [Infographic]

Why do well-designed software training programs fail? The answer is quite simple – the training was delivered only in English. Often, companies focus their efforts on creating highly effective programs to impart good training on software applications. But, they do not realize the importance of imparting these programs in the native languages of their non-English speaking staff. This results in learning of poor quality, because most enterprise software used by multinational companies (MNCs), such as ERP applications are very complex, and if the training program is imparted only in English, workforce from non-Anglophone countries could face problems in comprehending the content.

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Why Rapid eLearning for Just-in- time Learning? [Infographic]

There comes a time in every employee’s life when what was learned during training, is forgotten. It could be as simple as forgetting the fifth step in a 9-step process; it could be as urgent as having to pull out a policy in the presence of an angry customer, and not being able to remember which one it is that applies to that individual; or it could be as frustrating as getting stuck when installing an appliance, but having no access to a troubleshooting manual.

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5 Amazing Reasons to Use Adobe Captivate for Rapid E-learning [Infographic]

Are you looking for a single tool to develop mobile learning, software simulations, product demos, assessments, and more? Adobe Captivate is an amazing tool you can use for rapid eLearning development. The latest, 2017 release of this tool delivers an interactive learning experience. Corporate training professionals who want to rollout online courses quickly, and those who want to create software simulations and product demos, can benefit by using Captivate.

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Why Digital Learning for Healthcare Training? [Infographic]

One of the key challenges faced by the healthcare sector is the lack of skilled manpower. Healthcare professionals have erratic schedules, often work in remote areas, and seldom have time to attend dedicated classroom training sessions. But, they need to be trained constantly on new drugs, equipment, emergency procedures, epidemics, and more.

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5 Benefits of Using Lectora Online Tool [Infographic]

Lectora Online is a cloud-based authoring tool that allows you to design e-learning courses in the cloud. A cloud-based authoring tool means you don’t have to rely on your personal computer every time you want to develop online learning courses. No matter where you are, you can login to your account online and create (and review) courses using Lectora Online.

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