PurnaChandra Tatiparthi

Purna Chandra Reddy Tatiparthi works as a courseware designer specialist at CommLab India with a work experience of 4 years. He is a B.Com graduate and good at designing conceptual infographics.

Why Do You Need E-learning? [Infographic]

Employee training is considered one of the crucial elements by organizations for the achievement of their business goals such as revenue growth, cost reduction, and enhanced employee productivity. In this regard, organizations are adopting advanced and effective training methodologies.

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The What, When, and Where of Scenario-based Learning [Infographic]

Do you wish to enhance the online learning experience of your learners? Would you like to engage and motivate them to take up the course with great zeal and passion? Do you wish to help your learners acquire maximum knowledge from your e-learning course and apply it in their jobs? If the answer to these questions is ‘Yes’, here is an effective and optimal solution “Scenario-based e-learning”.

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Unlock The Potential of Mobile Learning for Your Sales Force [Infographic]

Businesses are becoming much more “customer-centric” today. The importance of customer satisfaction becomes apparent when it is observed that there is no business without the customer. Thus, in order to satisfy their customers, organizations need to upgrade the effectiveness of their sales force through proper product training. But, sales teams are quite often away from their desks. Some employees in sales teams work from remote locations. So, how you train them on a continual basis?

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4 Ways to Realign Your Sales Force with the Changing Pharmaceutical Sector [Infographic]

In the rapidly changing Pharma landscape, having a comprehensive understanding of doctors and other stakeholders is vital for fruitful sales. Digital interactions are gradually replacing representatives’ direct sales interactions with doctors. According to research by Accenture, nearly one in four direct sales interactions targeting doctors have been replaced with digital interactions.

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