PurnaChandra Tatiparthi

Purna Chandra Reddy Tatiparthi works as a courseware designer specialist at CommLab India with a work experience of 4 years. He is a B.Com graduate and good at designing conceptual infographics.

How to Set Up Your ILT Initiative [Infographic]

Instructor-led training continues to be in vogue even with the advancement of technology-based training. Many organizations are still glued to ILT initiatives, owing to its many advantages. So, what should you keep in mind while setting up an ILT session for training your employees and how can you maximize its impact? Well, check our infographic for the same.

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9 Tips that Help You Write an Effective RFP to Hire an E-learning Vendor [Infographic]

What is the best way to find an eLearning partner? Clearly communicate your eLearning requirements by issuing an RFP (request for proposals). If your RFP is clear and specific, you are likely to get good responses from the right vendors. At the same time, you will be in a better position to evaluate the responses and choose the vendor who will be the ‘best fit’ for your organization.

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6 Quick Tips to Make Your Custom E-learning Courses Learner-Centric [Infographic]

If you want your training to meet specific learning goals, custom e-learning is the best option. Adopting a learner-centric approach for your e-learning courses not only makes the course relevant to learners’ needs and challenges, but also helps you in getting the maximum ROI from learning initiatives. When a course is designed with a learner-centric approach, it becomes user-friendly. This makes it easy to navigate, allowing learners to access the content of their choice.

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How Can an LMS be Used to Administer Courses? [Infographic]

Are your learners showing little interest in using your LMS? Are your course completion rates falling drastically? Many organizations face a similar problem. How can an LMS be used to administer courses successfully? What does it take to ensure learners complete the lessons delivered through a learning management platform? Our infographic shares 6 exciting ways to do this.

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4 Quick Tips to Design Interactive E-learning Courses [Infographic]

Are you a training manager worried about e-learning dropout rates? Are your learners not participating enthusiastically in your online training programs and completing them successfully? How can you overcome this roadblock? The design of an e-learning course plays a very important role in engaging learners. Take a look at some tips to design highly interactive e-learning courses, in our infographic.

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