PurnaChandra Tatiparthi

Purna Chandra Reddy Tatiparthi works as a courseware designer specialist at CommLab India with a work experience of 4 years. He is a B.Com graduate and good at designing conceptual infographics.

Five Practical Tips to Reduce Your Online Training Outsourcing Budget [Infographic]

Today, eLearning has become an integral part of training initiatives in several organizations. Many organizations are also looking to outsource their e-learning requirements. However, budget always comes in the way of employee training. Training managers are asked to make the best use of the budgets available, to deliver training. So, how can one overcome this issue? Following the tips listed in the infographic will surely help.

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How to Set Up Your ILT Initiative [Infographic]

Instructor-led training continues to be in vogue even with the advancement of technology-based training. Many organizations are still glued to ILT initiatives, owing to its many advantages. So, what should you keep in mind while setting up an ILT session for training your employees and how can you maximize its impact? Well, check our infographic for the same.

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9 Tips that Help You Write an Effective RFP to Hire an E-learning Vendor [Infographic]

What is the best way to find an eLearning partner? Clearly communicate your eLearning requirements by issuing an RFP (request for proposals). If your RFP is clear and specific, you are likely to get good responses from the right vendors. At the same time, you will be in a better position to evaluate the responses and choose the vendor who will be the ‘best fit’ for your organization.

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