Pavan Kumar

Pavan Kumar is a Visual Designer at CommLab India. He specializes in designing storyboards and is an e-learning tools expert; he also creates eye-catching infographics.

6 Tips to Build Engaging Online Courses using Articulate Storyline [Infographic]

Disengagement in workplace learning can cost organizations a fortune. When learners are disengaged with learning, organizations face the impact in the form of high dropout rates, low productivity, absenteeism, attrition, safety incidents, data privacy issues, and more. Lack of direct interaction and flexibility in courses, their inability to cater to different learning styles, the declining attention spans of employees and other factors cause disengagement in online learning.

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5 Steps to Develop Learner Friendly E-learning Courses [Infographic]

We are often under the false impression that including amazing content and creative instructional design strategies will take care of the learner-friendliness of a course. However, we need to remind ourselves that eLearning is all about learners, and the way they learn. Fancy frills and attractive visuals won’t go a long way if learners are disengaged with the course.

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Best Practices to Convert Classroom Material to Online Courses [Infographic]

Training managers have hundreds of classroom presentations, on a vast array of topics, at their disposal. These presentations serve as useful aids to train people face-to-face. However, quite understandably, these presentations can reach only a limited number of audiences. It would be useful if these presentations are converted into online courses that could meet the learning needs of many employees across the organization.

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4 Important Phases in The E-learning Development Process [Infographic]

How can you harness the power of e-learning? What does it take to create good e-learning courses that meet your training needs effectively? Well, you need to follow a process to develop high quality online courses.

A well-defined e-learning development process comprises four phases viz. Content analysis, developing a storyboard, developing a prototype, and course submission.

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