Krishna Chinthakunta

Chinthakunta Krishna is a Specialist - Courseware Designer working with all the authoring tools. He also designs informative infographics for the organization. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree.

5 Benefits of Online Training [Infographic]

Most organizations, corporate companies, and educational institutions today are using e-learning to train their employees and students. A research conducted by the American Society for Training and Development (ASTD) reported that nearly one-third of all learning content made available is in the form of e-learning. This shows that e-learning is being accepted as a convenient method for organizations to train their employees. Why is e-learning being preferred over traditional learning? Well, check out our infographic below for the benefits e-learning offers.

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Essential Steps To Convert Flash-based E-learning Content To HTML5 [Infographic]

Many organizations are now realizing the need to make their eLearning content available through Smartphones and tablets. For many years, Adobe Flash was used predominantly to develop graphics, games, and animations. Flash enabled the use of various interactivities that made learning enriching. It appeared that the reign of Flash would continue forever. But, all this changed with the advent of the mobile learning era. Despite powerful features, Flash-based courses do not run on iPads, Android tabs, and other latest mobile devices.

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7 Essential Ways to Find Your Right E-learning Translation Partner [Infographic]

Most multinational companies (MNCs) are using e-learning to train their people because it is highly flexible and eliminates logistical problems. But, how can you use the online learning medium effectively to train your global workforce? Well, you need to deliver your e-learning courses in the native languages of your learners. But, as you start researching, you come across a number of translation agencies on the web. How will you find the right e-learning translation partner, who can meet your custom training requirements, from those thousands of companies?

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Benefits of Adaptive Courses in Compliance Training [Infographic]

With the introduction of new rules and regulations, the burden of compliance training on companies is likely to increase. Beside this, compliance training is still held back due to lack of user engagement. With the introduction of adaptive learning in corporate training, it is worth considering it as the solution to the challenges of online compliance training. What are its benefits? These e-courses give employees the flexibility to undergo training that is relevant to them.

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