Keshu B

Keshu is a Courseware Designer and has good knowledge in various rapid authoring tools.

5 Smart Strategies for LMS Selection [Infographic]

Choosing an LMS is a strategic decision and crucial investment for any organization; the wrong choice can prove to be very expensive in terms of the time spent and the budget allocated. How can you select an LMS that meets your organizational goals? There are 5 smart strategies to help you in this pursuit.

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5 Free Tools to Edit Training Videos [Infographic]

Videos add great value to learning and are used to reduce the load of reading on the learner and help them retain information. You can enrich your videos by adding captions, images, transitions, music, visuals, callouts, banners, and animated backgrounds and in most cases, “live” training videos need to be edited to enhance their quality. To do all these, you may require some software tools. Many free video editing tools are available in the market.

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3 Elements to Gain Your Learners’ Attention in the Intro Slides [infographic]

E-learning is one platform where you teach learners the digital way, there is very limited direct interaction with the learner. You will therefore have limited time to motivate and engage the learner. Only then will he be interested in continuing; if not, he might exit the course after visiting the first few slides. So, to gain learners’ attention, your introduction slides must have 3 essential things.

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5 Things That Cause Ineffective Results in E-learning

The World Wide Web and latest technological innovations have influenced how learning and training takes place in organizations. Today, many organizations are implementing e-learning to meet their training needs as it has the potential to cater to the ever-growing and changing demands of businesses at lowered training costs.

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Essential Elements of an E-learning Course [Infographic]

In the e-learning context, presenting relevant information alone is not enough. An e-learning course should adhere to Instructional Design principles so that learning is effective and motivates learners to leverage the fullest benefit of the course. There are a few elements such as being aimed at a specific target audience, having measurable learning objectives, authentic content, assessments, and tracking learner progress that can make an e-learning course complete.

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