Jemima Samuel

Jemima Samuel - Associate Content Writer, is from the quaint little town of Coonoor, Tamil Nadu, India. She is a writer and editor by day and an avid reader and dog lover, otherwise. She was previously a Social Media expert and Communications Specialist. She graduated with Literature and Psychology honors from St. Francis College for Women, and holds a Master's degree in Literature.

A Sneak-Peek into Traditional Learning Systems

A Sneak-Peek into Traditional Learning Systems

Historically, the primary educational technique was simple oral recitation. However, it is often deliberated that there isn’t a specific type of education, with the meaning of traditional education varying from the time and location it is carried out. But, learning experts are often faced with the predicament of understanding why the traditional training classroom environment hasn’t reformed in ages. The common understanding is that a traditional education system models around learners at desks, with teachers/instructors passing on knowledge.

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Traditional vs. Modern LMS – How Different Are They?

Traditional vs. Modern LMS - How Different Are They?

Are you using a traditional learning management system (LMS) or a more modern, germane Learning Management System in your organization? If answering this question confuses you, you are definitely not alone; most of the LMS users miss the point in understanding the key differences between these two types of LMSs.

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