William Carey K

William Carey K is a diploma holder in computer engineering and works as a Courseware Designer.

Effective Translation of E-learning Courses – 4 Tips [Infographic]

E-learning courses can easily and instantly reach a global audience, assuring that everyone gets consistent, uniform training. Now, the only barrier multinational organizations face is language.

Translations of online courses act as a linguistic bridge, which could otherwise restrict the global relevance of your training program. Translation not only changes the language of your course, but also considers the cultural sensitivities of the new language and country.

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5 Quick Tips to Check While Translating Online Training Material [Infographic]

How can you use the online medium effectively to train your global workforce? You need to deliver your e-learning courses in the native languages of your employees.

Various studies reveal that people learn better in their mother tongue as it helps understand easily. So, when you consider translating your e-learning courses, you need to consider a few tips listed in the infographic, to ensure good quality translations.

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