William Carey K

William Carey K is a diploma holder in computer engineering and works as a Courseware Designer.

6 Best Practices for an Effective Offshore E-learning Partnership [Infographic]

E-learning has become an integral part of training initiatives in organizations today. Many organizations are opting to outsource their e-learning projects to offshore vendors. An offshore company with expertise in e-learning development will give you instant access to a panel of experts who will help your e-learning initiative. It is important to build rapport with the vendor and develop a successful partnership.

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5 Major Updates of Lectora Publisher 17 [Infographic]

Lectora is a powerful rapid authoring tool that is very popular in the world of e-learning. A study by Capterra revealed that more than 60% of companies use this family of rapid authoring tools, from Trivantis. One of the most popular members of this family is Lectora Publisher. The latest version of this application is packed with several new features that make the development of e-learning courses easier and quicker than before. Let’s see what’s these features are in the infographic below.

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Tactics to Develop Successful Online Simulation Courses [Infographic]

Many organizations are tapping into the training potential offered by online simulations. Simulations are highly specialized, interactive programs that allow workforce to learn and practice real world activities in a controlled, secure, and risk-free environment. They are an ideal choice where people have to follow procedures or learn to use a new software application to be effective in their jobs.

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5 Ways to Create Effective Learning Objectives for E-learning Courses [Infographic]

 ‘If you don’t know where you want to go, then it doesn’t matter, which way you go.’ – Lewis Carroll 

The same applies to developing a good e-learning course. If you don’t know the learning outcome of your course, it is of no use. So, it is very essential to set clear and effective learning objectives that communicate the purpose and also tell what the learner will be able to do on successful completion of the course.

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4 Reasons to Develop E-books in Flipbook Maker [Infographic]

Online course designers often focus on tasks such as framing good learning objectives, incorporating the right interactivities, and creating assessments. While these are important, they also need to provide their learners material for further learning to ensure effective adaptation of knowledge. And, most online learning materials are presented in the form of e-books.

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3 Instructional Strategies for an Effective Online Compliance Course [Infographic]

Compliance training is all about educating your employees and making them aware of the laws, rules and regulations they need to follow at work. Imparting training on applicable statutes and norms is beneficial to organizations and employees, as it helps prevent regulatory violations that can result in huge penalties and loss of reputation. However, in many cases, online compliance training courses are mere “page-turners” that fail to impress learners.

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5 Ways Organizations Can Benefit from Mobile Learning [Infographic]

Mobile learning is a new format that has many takers for its ease of use and portability options. In simple terms, device portability and connectivity to information sources are the basis of m-learning. This feature of mobile learning has caught the eye of many organizations to train their employees, but how do organizations benefit from this training method?

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